Jason and Company is a website design and development company for small and medium sized businesses, with over 18 years of experience, Located in Paris, France. We have succeeded in creating sites for art galleries, artists, photographers, journalists, documentary filmmakers, fashion and many other industries, organizations & individuals.

We are professionals in developing valuable sites that are:

  • ergonomically designed to get the most information in the quickest time possible
  • search engine optimized  so you can be found (Google etc.)
  • responsive sites that work on any device (Tablets, Phones, etc.)


  • We are Creative Designers who understand how to make a website look good
  • We are Marketing Specialists who can help your website be found online, run an advertising campaigns and raise brand awareness
  • we are Social Media Consultants
  • We manage servers and networks
  • We are Technology Specialists who understand databases, programming, and website assembly

Jason & Company creates all inclusive, quality,  professionally designed and fully editable sites (by you – if you choose to) made with a content management system – CMS (See Wikipedia  http://bit.ly/13jKon with Google Analytics statistics installation & training in all aspects of web development.

Jason & Company design strategic social media marketing campaigns using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, etc.

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