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We are a Website Agency based in Paris, France with over 25 years of experience. We assist our customers with web design, WordPress, Social Media, E-commerce, marketing, advertising, consulting and business productivity.


We design and build the visual identity of your company
• Design logos, icons, graphics, animations, fonts, typography and photoshop digital photographs
• Design the page layout and interface
• User Experience and User Interaction (UX and UI) Design and Development
• Website Theme Customization


We are consumer experience focused and work on an efficient content marketing strategy
• Define tasks and goals
• Structure and prioritize information
• Enhance navigation
• Strategic Content Marketing: tailored to your business needs
• Keywords and meta-tag referencing


From Launch to Review, we take care of your website

• Register web domain names and managing hosting of the website
• Search engine optimisation - SEO - Local and Multilingual
• Coding using a variety of software
• Responsive sites that work on all devices computers, phones, tablets etc...


We care about the ongoing success of our clients and websites
• Daily updates, urgent needs, plugins, content, blog, photos, etc.
• Analytics reports (using Google Analytics)
• Debugging code, repairs and fixes
• Website updates and redesign


We can help you on advertising your company through digital communication
• Reinforce or create a social media presence
• Email newsletters - contact management
• Design memes and graphics
• Digital campaigns ( Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, google Ads, .. )


Our focus is your satisfaction
• We provide you consulting and training services before, during and after the development of your website.
• We adapt our services to the clients needs so that we can help you whether you're a beginner or a professional.







Jason and Company | Website Agency


  • Jason Siegel

    Jason Siegel at Jason and Company, website designer and developer using WordPress, Web Publishing Systems, CMS, content management systems,  Blogging Systems, Flash, Photoshop, HTML, JavaScript, and …

    Creative Director
  • Maud Alavès

    assistant website design, developer and social media at Jason and Company / student at ISCOM international section – Assisting the design web development on …

    Assistant Director
  • Theodore Siegel

    In both cases, the stranded whales to which these two skeletons belonged, were originally claimed by their proprietors upon similar grounds. King Tranquo seizing …

    Creative Disruption

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