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Jason & Company is a website development company Jason & Company creates …

Jason and Company Notes | on WordPress, Technology and Productivity for Individuals and Small Business

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Jason & Company | Website Design and Development Agency

We are a Website Agency based in Paris, France, and assist our customers with general Web services, Web Design, WordPress, E-commerce, Social Media, Consulting and Business Productivity


We are here to help you build the visual Identity of your company.
• Designing logos, graphics, animations, fonts, typography and manipulating digital photographs
• Designing the page layout and interface
• User experience and interaction UX and UI
• Theme Customization


We are consumer experience focused and work on an efficient content marketing strategy.
• Defining tasks and goals
• Structuring and prioritizing information
• Enhancing navigation
• Strategic Content Marketing: tailored to your business needs
• Keywords and Meta Tag referencing


From Launch to Review, we take care of your website.

• Registering web domain names and managing hosting of the website
• Search engine optimisation - SEO - Local and Multilingual
• Coding using a variety of software
• Responsive sites that work on all devices computers, phones, tablets etc...


We care about the ongoing success of our clients and websites.
• Daily updates, urgent needs, plugins, content, blog, photos, etc.
• Analytics reports (using Google Analytics)
• Debugging code, Repairs and fixes
• Website updates and redesign


We can help you on advertising your company through digital communication.
• Reinforce or create a social media presence
• Email Newsletters - Contact Management
• Design Memes and Graphics
• Digital Campaigns ( Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, google Ads, .. )


Our focus is your satisfaction.
• We provide you consulting and training services before, during and after the development of your website.
• We adapt our services to the clients needs so that we can help you whether you're a beginner or a professional.







Jason and Company | Website Agency


  • Jason Siegel

    Jason Siegel at Jason and Company, website designer and developer using WordPress, Web Publishing Systems, CMS, content management systems,  Blogging Systems, Flash, Photoshop, HTML, JavaScript, and …

    Creative Director
  • Maud Alavès

    assistant website design, developer and social media at Jason and Company / student at ISCOM international section – Assisting the design web development on …

    Assistant Director
  • Theodore Siegel

    In both cases, the stranded whales to which these two skeletons belonged, were originally claimed by their proprietors upon similar grounds. King Tranquo seizing …

    Creative Disruption


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Creative Commons Image Search

Creative Commons Image Search Search for free content in the public domain and under Creative Commons licenses. Learn more about CC licenses here.

7 Inbound Marketing Techniques for a Successful Lead Generation Campaign [Infographic]

7 Inbound Marketing Techniques for a Successful Lead Generation Campaign [Infographic]

The team from Orbit Media Studios share their key components of a successful lead generation campaign in this infographic. Here are the elements they cover in their process overview: Strategy and branding Web design Content Analytics SEO Social Email Check out the infographic below for more detail.

How to Do Basic Image Editing in WordPress (Crop, Rotate, Scale, Flip)

How to Do Basic Image Editing in WordPress (Crop, Rotate, Scale, Flip)

You can do basic image editing in the WordPress admin area. This includes image cropping, rotating, scaling image sizes, and flipping them vertically or horizontally.

Croppola crops your photos

Croppola crops your photos

Croppola analyzes the composition of your picture and calculates the best crop. Just drop a photo onto the canvas above, select the desired aspect ratio, and watch croppola do its magic!

Take control of your phone. *Do less more efficiently

Take control of your phone. *Do less more efficiently

Try these simple changes to live more intentionally with your devices right now. My favorites are Send audio notes or call instead of texting. and Try keeping your home screen to tools only. I don’t agree to all of these suggestions – I think that users need to learn more about how to customize […]

WordPress Gutenberg Tutorial: How To Use The New WordPress 5.0 Block Editor

WordPress Gutenberg Tutorial: How To Use The New WordPress 5.0 Block Editor

This tutorial to help you get up to speed with how to use the block editor to perform the same types of actions that you previously used the TinyMCE editor for.

Jason & Company Plan for WordPress 5.0

Jason & Company Plan for WordPress 5.0

if you see code in the editor after the update to WordPress 5.0 install Classic Editor plugin

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